"There you are" of Michail Michailov at Bulgarian Pavilion at 59° Biennale di Venezia

 danna pelli

 Portrait Portrait © Michail Michailov


"You always can change your perspective in life. To find out about this brings beauty in your life".

By Camilla Delpero   


How was Michail Michailov born as an artist?

I already went to a kind of art school when I was only 10years old. Thats when in all started.

Talk about your project at Biennale di Venezia. What is your focus and your message?

In my art I am questioning who we are, who we are not, how we are connected to each other and is there a purpose of life. What makes sense and what doesn't. Or does everything make sense? I will use different medias. The main work will be a colored pencil drawing of 6x3 meters. It shows accumulated dust from my studio. It is a metapher for many things, questioning our existence. Furthermore I will show little videos and and a series of cleaning pedestals.


Cleaning pedestals 2020 Photographer Hannes Anderle Michail Michailov 2

Cleaning pedestals, 2020, Photographer Hannes Anderle, © Michail Michailov.


What has been your experience at the Biennale so far?

Since beginning of January 2022 I know that I will take place at the Venice Biennial.  Since then it is very stressful because the time was very short. Irina Batkova, the curator and me had to do a lot on our own. Now, 4 days before the opening we are still not finished to set up the exhibition.

What is Beauty for you?

To realise, that you can find beauty in things you actually don't like. You always can change your perspective in life. To find out about this brings beauty in your life.

What is Contemporary art for you?

I need to experience my self and other people, my own and their needs, suffering and desires. Life is keep on changing. The goal I guess is to notice that,  to accept it, to deal with it. Then everything around you is contemporary.